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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  December 7, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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barbara. they are preparing. it's expected this will end the afternoon commute and also the evening rush hour. this is where occupy d.c. campers are organizing as we speak. they are congregating there, and they are planning to head down to k street. let me show you what is happening on k street here on both sides of the block, you can see police officers are there and ready for whatever the marches may do, and they are just not on foot but also on vehicles parked around the area. several police cars were parked in a row on blocks all around mcpherson square. on l street, k street, and other streets nearby. we saw police officers parked and ready to go for several reasons. first of all, the demonstrators will be visiting a firm, and police officers are dispersed and prepared just in case.
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last month occupy d.c. organized a march across the bridge that was expected to cause a traffic nightmare but did not. the peaceful demonstration included hundreds marching during rush hour but had little to no traffic impact. but last sunday a demonstration resulted in 31 people being arrested after they built a shed in the middle of the park. it was a confrontational demonstration to date. and no telling what we can expect today. there's a schedule for what is supposed to happen. any minute now, we are expecting occupiers to go to a lobbying firm located here on k street, and then they will come back to k street, and also the mcpherson square area to have a party, and they are saying this party will resemble the same parties that are held between politicians and
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lobbyist. and after that they are planning to head down to the white house, and then on to the supreme court for another demonstration. so what officials are saying, if you can avoid this area, then do because there's no telling whether this protest is going to impact traffic or not, so if you are commuting through here, it could impact your drive. i am tracee wilkins, live, downtown. turning to the weather, we could see from the live pictures, it's really coming down out there, and let's talk to tom kierein to see if it will be with us throughout the day. >> it looks like it. in fact, we could get enough rain for us to have flooding, and that would likely occur by later this afternoon. that's a huge system. it's raining from georgia all the way to main, and on the western edge of the rain, it's a changeover to snow, on western pennsylvania and western west virginia and down into kentucky and tennessee, and all the way down to mississippi and alabama, they are getting snow.
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heavy rains in the yellow and orange in virginia. and closer to washington, and across virginia, and much of maryland, we have scattered light showers and also standing water from the morning rain, so watch out for high water. if you come up on high water, don't attempt to drive through it, because you could get into serious trouble, getting your car flooded if you do so. right now, we're in the 50s. flood watches are out throughout most of virginia now, and that's including the district of columbia for the rest of the afternoon and this evening and a winter advisory far to the west, howard, montgomery, loudoun, points west and north, and there could be accumulating snow tonight, and we will look at big changes on the way for the end of the week and into the weekend in just a few minutes. barbara? >> thank you, tom. new hot lanes may ease the commute on i-95 in northern
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virginia. the governor announced the state has reached a $1 billion deal with a private contractor to improve one of the region's most congested corridors. the hov lanes would extend south to garrisonville road in staffford county, or the existing ones would, and the private company would foot 90% of the bill and in return collect the tolls. construction could start next year. now let's look at traffic. danella? >> not looking good. let's talk about flooding. route 450 to fence highway, this is between church road and huntwood drive, lanes blocked in all directions. and military road at beach drive have reports of a sinkhole in that area and also reports of flooding especially around rock creek park. please use caution as you make your commute in that area today. and 295 north approaching 495,
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an accident there so use caution. and on the roadways, a big mess, and a lot of water so please drive slowly and give the cars in front of you extra space. firefighters are investigating a fire that sent one man to the hospital with severe injuries. it happened around 2:00 this morning. firefighters say flames were coming from the first floor when they arrived. they found a man inside alone. rescue workers took him to a local burn facility to be treated. the home was cluttered which made it difficult for them to put out the flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation this morning. the montgomery county teen is recovering after being stabbed after a basketball game last night. >> reporter: it's here in the parking lot of northwood high that a 17-year-old girl was stabbed repeatedly. the morning after, student after
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student shocked. >> there could be more safety. kids should stop fighting. ask for help instead of solving them with violence. >> reporter: it happened after a basketball came against kennedy basketball. it started inside between her and the girls from the other school. she was leaving the game, tried to stop the fight that started inside when she was stabbed by a guy she did not know. police are now searching for two suspects. with word the victim will be okay, parents are still shaking their heads. >> it's worrying, but i think it's something that we kind of get used to in this area. >> my grandkids go here, but i had no idea something like this would happen here. >> the spokesperson says, when it comes to the security of the students, the studechool is loo
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at if they could have done something differently. >> reporter: they are meeting with students upset about the i insdent. johnson is headed to prison in what prosecutors call one of the most notorious cases. a judge sentenced johnson to more than seven years behind bars. prosecutors reduced their original recommendation from the maximum of 14 years because they say he cooperated with the investigation. johnson pleaded guilty in may to accepting bribes up to $1 million. he apologized to the court and said his actions have haunted him and ruined his reputation. his actions were called a setback for the community.
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>> it scared away legitimate developers that were interested in coming and building and helping with growth in prince georges county. >> in addition to the seven-year prison sentence, johnson must pay a $100,000 fine, and forfeit a $78,000 antique mercedes benz. his wife will be sentenced on friday for her part in the case. jack johnson had her flush a $100,000 check down the toilet and stuff nearly $80,000 in her underwear. she faces up to 18 months in prison. for the first time since the fbi raided his home, d.c. councilmember hair yarry thomas returned to the building. he sat quietly and refused to answer questions yesterday, and they debated and passed a version of the ethics reform
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bill. it aims to restrict spending and require more explorer. nine minutes after 11:00 is our time now, and coming up, decision 2012. newt gingrich is pulling away from the crowded field of republican candidates for president. despite that, we will tell you why the race is getting tougher for him, and why
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now to a developing story in afghanistan. an american was among those killed in a suicide attack in kabul. that the u.s. embassy confirms that man died when a bomber attack add shrine yesterday. it was a coordinated attack involving shiites. the afghanistan president visited the wounded today and he said the attack originated in pakistan. right now, a subcommittee is examining whether the district is prepared for a natural or manmade disaster. the quake damaged several d.c. buildings including the cathedral and washington monument. some say they are concerned about coordinating between federal and local emergency managers.
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today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. japanese warplanes attacked the navy base in hawaii killing 2400 americans. and president roosevelt called december 7th, a date that will live in infamy. the event at the national world war ii memorial is cancelled because of the weather. we have the latest on the republican race for the presidential nomination. the new poll shows newt gingrich has jumped out to be -- to have a nationwide lead. however, frontrunner status can have its disadvantages. gingrich finds himself under attack from rivals. >> you are the worst possible question inner. >> he is walking a fine line in criticizing mitt romney.
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trying to laugh off about romney saying newt gingrich doesn't know about business. >> gingrich who has now secured commanding leads in iowa and south carolina, also is opened up a large lead natalie. according to the gallup daily tracking poll released on tuesday, and he is the subject of the first negative ad attack. now romney, the chaser in the race, is attempting to battle his race. >> i don't know what that is going to show with regards to him. i know what it will show with regards to me. >> a gingrich aide compares it
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one step further. >> nut never made it to being a manager. >> romney who picked up the endorsement of dan quail on tuesday. >> any questions? >> romney has agreed to the first sunday show in a year. he will not join the debate moderated by donald trump. >> we have already set our calendar in december, and i communicated to mr. trump that that schedule is completed. >> in a statement, trump fired back a predictable response. he wrote it would seem logical to me if i was stanley behind in the polls i would be participating in the debate, but i can understand why governor romney decided not to do it. meanwhile, president obama
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casted himself as the protector of the middle class, using the phrase 20 times. >> we simply cannot return to this brand of you are on your own economics if we are serious about rebuilding the middle class in this country. >> that was chuck todd reporting. many of the republican presidential candidates are in town here for a jewish forum. this morning, rick santorum and huntsman spoke at the forum. ron paul is the only one not attending. the coalition did not invite him because they say he has, quote, misguided and extreme views on israel. >> today, two of the most prominent candidates in virginia's u.s. senate race will square off in their first debate. tim kaine and george allen will debate. they are not the only candidates in the race. they are however, the only
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candidates to have done well enough in the polls and raised enough money to qualify for the debate. both are looking to succeed jim webb who announced he is not running for re-election. sthich let's talk about the weather. >> across the country, we have got an amazing variety of weather. right now in los angeles, it's freezing. people are scraping frost off their windshields in a los angeles, and throughout much of the west it's frigid, and that frigid air is there from the pacific coast all the way to the appellations. and that cold air mass, that huge cold air mass is slowly pushing to the east and becoming our way tonight changing our rain over to snow. right now in washington we have light rain falling, and that's a live picture showing traffic still streaming around the roads, and there's a lot of
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ponding of water and do not attempt to drive quickly through water because you can lose control of your vehicle quickly. and the precipitation extends from mississippi and alabama where it's snowing as well as in tennessee, and from georgia it's raining from there all the way to maine, and then on the western area, it's snow from western new york state and person pennsylvania, this white area and west virginia and east kentucky, this is all snow. they are getting heavy rain right now in central west virginia. that's advancing north and east and about to move into the panhandle. they are already over two inches and many creeks and streams are getting out of their banks here, and there will be high water especially when you come up on flowing high water, do not attempt to drive through it. it's getting chillier in the mountains, too. and it's closer to washington, where we're in the mid-50s now. so quite a contrast in
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temperatures. we also have flood watches out, the counties in green, and this is a winter weather advisory for tonight, howard, loudoun, northern, and wet snow, mainly melting on roadways and accumulating on grassy areas. as we go forward, all the color is rain. that will end by the evening, and as it does taper off, we will have it switch over to snow, and that's fast moving so it won't snow very long. we will get cold tomorrow morning and freeze right up. what does not evaporate overnight will be frozen tomorrow morning, so we could have slick spots starting tomorrow morning. and then another cold day, and then friday afternoon, sunny and cold. here is the potential rainfall. we could get quite a bit of rain here in northern virginia, through the district and in
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maryland. this is 2.5 inches of rain, and that certainly is enough for creeks and streams to come out of their banks and for high flowing water we could have road closures from roads that cross the area, creeks and streams that overflow their banks. flooding is likely. we will fall in the mid-50s to the mid-40s by sunset, and then this evening it will continue to drop to the mid-30s, and then we will have the rain changing to sleet and snow, and then piling up three to six inches in the mountains and then closer to washington and shenandoah valley, one to three. that will mostly be on grassy areas, and closer to washington, a dusting northwest, and points southwest and northeast, and on grassy areas. and then a breezy day tomorrow. sunny, and highs only in the low to mid-40s, and cold each morning in the 20s all the way
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through the weekend into the first part of the week, and highs in the mid-40s. sunny each day. that huge cold air mass that is out west, barbara, is coming our way, and it will be in place. get your winter coats ready. it's going to be cold, cold, cold tomorrow all the way into next week. >> i am shivering already. >> get ready for it. >> thanks k tom. we will get a check on the traffic. danella, the rain causing problems? >> yes, but i have some good news. had an accident involving an overturned vehicle right at the beltway on 295 north, and that's cleared. we will check travel speeds. not so bad traveling i-66 eastbound to the beltway, you are at 44 miles per hour. not bad. and the beltway to the outer loop in montgomery county, right now at 55 miles per hour. and i-95 in virginia, this was a big mess earlier this morning, but right now you can see 60 miles per hour, not so bad. a live look right now, i-95 at fairfax county parkway, not
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seeing any major delays at all, but wet roadways so give yourself extra time. back to you. >> thank you. 11:22 is our time. we will show you how on sparkle for the holidays. and the security breach that [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever.
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and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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actor alec baldwin got himself kicked off a flight for not turning off his electronic device. he was playing a game when a flight attendant asked everybody to turn off computers. he wrote flight attendant reamed me out 4 playing word with friends when we were not moving. >> it costs us about 45 minutes. >> just said there was a difficult passenger that they had to get off and then we found out that it was mr. baldwin. >> he took a later flight with the same airline. after landing in new york he posted a picture on twitter that red let alec play with a score of baldwin one, american
11:26 am
airlines zero. zuckerberg's private photos were available online because of a flaw in the social network. the photos were available online. during the glitch, somebody could gain access to photos by the report a member feature, and the problem has been fixed, we understand. coming up in the next half hour, they are popping up in neighborhoods all over the area, the hateful message somebody is spreading. and tom kierein is tracking the rain and the possibility of snow moving through our area. the duchess of cambridge dazzles at her latest royal outing. we
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right now, on news4 midday, occupy d.c. is starting the first organized protest since 31 demonstrators were arrested over the weekend. they call it a national day of action. demonstrators plan to march to an up named lobbying firm on k street and then to the supreme court. the police have lined the route in preparation for the event. police are looking for two women that stabbed a teenage girl outside norwood high school in silver spring as she tried to break up a fight. she is expected to survive. police have a vague description
11:30 am
of the suspect. right now federal officials are in court appealing a fine. virginia tech was too slow in notifying students, faculty and staff about a gunm loose on the campus. the 2007 shooting spree left 33 people dead. the government fined the school $55,000 for violating a federal law that requires timely warnings about safety threats. virginia tech says it acted appropriately. this morning, disgraced former illinois governor rob blagojevich will speak before he learns his fate. it's the last chance to try and reduce his sentence after admitting he is guilty of all charges. blagojevich was convicted on 18 counts of corruption when trying to sell obama's senate seat.
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we could get a taste of december with some snow tonight, but for now be glad that all we are dealing with is rain. this storm has brought havoc across the midwest. the system started out as snow in west texas on sunday and monday night, and temperatures in the teens. the snow then turned to ice as the snow moved across the midwest. a light dusting along with super cold temperatures made for a difficult commute in missouri. the highs never made it above freezing. meanwhile to the north, the storm brought two days of heavy rain to ohio. downpours along with the storm drains clogged by leaves caused flooding in low lying areas on the streets of columbus, ohio. speaking of weather, let's talk to tom kierein about our weather and see if we can expect any changes including snow.
11:32 am
>> in the metro area, we will get a change over from rain to snow around midnight. there's light rain in the metro area, but look at the precipitation. it's from mississippi to maine. it's a combination of snow and rain. closer to washington, getting heavy rain in central west virginia, and now likely creeks and streams out of their banks. and west of that, it's snowing. charleston, west virginia, up to pittsburgh, and it's light rain across virginia. that will probably increase in intensity as we get into the afternoon. we were around the low 60s around dawn this morning, and now it's in the 50s throughout much of the area and in the mountains it's dipped down into the 40s and down in the 30s further to the west. rain heavy at times, and flooding likely. and then this evening, we will get that rain changing over to some snow in the metro area
11:33 am
around 9:00, 10:00 tonight and earlier than that further to the west by midnight. three to six inches in the far western maryland area, and that mostly on grassy areas, and melting on roadways, and just a dusting perhaps for northwest washington nearby suburbs along the interstate corridor, along grassy areas. and the cold and dry weather will be here, thursday, all the way into next week. that's the way it looks now. >> all right. danella, what is traffic looking like now? >> busy as well. flooding is causing problems and taking away some of the roadways. route 450 to fence highway, your closure is between stevens
11:34 am
church road, and traveling in d.c., a sinkhole being repaired right now. military road north west and beach drive, and also in that area, around rock creek park, getting reports of flooding so use caution as you make your commute. and then the american legion bridge looks better. no problems with the inner loop or outer loop. back to you. >> d.c. leaders will consider easing the tough handgun laws. council member introduced a bill allowing people to take home without vision tests. they would still need to take a safety course and pass a test on the district's gun laws and register the gun. michael horta is serving as
11:35 am
acting administrator of the faa. babbitt stepped down over his drunk driving arrest this weekend. right now, deputies in stafford county looking for a man suspected of abducting a 22-year-old woman. take a look of the sketch of the suspect, the man forced the woman into a wooded area nearby shasta place. the man punched and choked her and tried to sexually assault her, and she was able to break free when the suspect's phone started to ring. if you recognize this man, you are asked to call deputies. and then there's a string of sexual assaults that a man did not commit is now a freeman.
11:36 am
he was exonerated of all the charges yesterday. he was convicted on attacks in the richmond area dating back to '84. >> for 27 years, i never gave up hope, and i kept pushing, and i kept, you know, going to law library and covering my cases, you know, and i just did not give up hope. i was innocent from day one. >> haynesworth's exoneration means he will no longer have to register as a sex offender and his record has been expunged. and now a possible hate crime after hate flyers were found in some neighborhoods. they turned up a week ago saturday when at least two neighbors on north 25th street in arlington found the hate-filled sheets lying on their newspapers and over the past few days more have been
11:37 am
found in north west washington. it says jewish people control the world, and many say they never experienced this level of intolerance. >> i have never seen anything like this. it's shocking. >> we hear of these sorts of anti-semitic rantings going on, but don't think of it happening here. >> a viewer tells news4 the players have showed up in tacoma park, maryland. well, holiday displays will stay up on leezburg courthouse lawn this season. one of the approved displays, a skeleton in a santa claus suit
11:38 am
hanging down on a cross was torn down by a woman who found it offensive. and teachers in montgomery county have something to look forward to. school superintendent's budget includes the first raise for teachers since 2009. the size of the increase is not known yet. 11:39 is the time right now. still ahead, decision day. the age restriction on who can buy the morning after pill can be lifted today. plus, how to sparkle this holiday season. holiday season. we have gift we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month.
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yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. the federal government could decide today whether to lift the age restriction on who can buy the morning after pill. the fda is considering a request from the drug's manufacturer to allow teens under the age of 17 to buy the control without a prescription. conservative groups oppose the proposal and say it should not be available without a prescription or parental consent. we are joined live with the
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rest of the day's business headlines. >> you know, once again, barbara, it's like a broken record. we are focused on europe. european officials from the european union are set to meet starting tomorrow for two days to deal with the european debt crisis. markets are lower on indications that the proposal to super charge bailoutses are running into political opposition. and then heating with natural gas, if you do that, you can expect to have it cost about $700, that's the average price, 3% less than last year. the cost of heat and collect will be lower, about 1.5% according to the department of energy. and heating with propane will cost more than last year, and those using heating oil will cost about $2,500, an 8.4%
11:43 am
increase over last year. and j krchc penney thinks marth stewart will be a good thing for them. and they will open martha stewart shops within penney's in 2013. and the joke on wall street lately is best buy has become amazon's brick and motor show. on saturday it will reward shoppers to use the price and comparing shopping at the store. starting saturday, those that use the app in the store and then shop online will get money back and free qualifying purchases on the brick and mortar guys are trying to outsmart them by using
11:44 am
different bar codes so people can't do that, and it's hand to hand combat. >> yes, i guess they will see what they prefer, brick and mortar or shopping online. >> i have been doing both. >> me, too. have a great day. at this time on wednesday's, we sit down with a psychiatrist, and this week he was scheduled to answer your viewers' questions, and he was called away on an emergency but will return to answer your questions. he can answer questions on anything from depression to child behavior problems to addiction issues. send your questions to "news4 midda midday". >> are you hoping to sparkle for the holidays? jacqueline mason is here to show us great ways to do that with accessories and all of them under $100 each. >> yes, we are excited for the
11:45 am
holidays this season. today we are going into the season's top trends, which are the bold, bright colors in a lot of gem tones. >> the bright color there we see in a bright belt. is that one of the accessories they are suggesting? >> yes, today katherine is wearing a simple and plain black dress, and then accessorized the belt with a fuchsia color and fuchsia earrings with gold tones and the whole entire accessory is under $100. >> so this is -- color is a big thing this season. is that what you are saying? >> yes. >> and you tell us that faux fur is big this season as well. >> thank you, katherine. today we have jamie wearing this fabulous faux fur scarf with
11:46 am
neutral gem tones and the crystal necklace that is sort of a pewter color mixed with gold and silver, and the vest was $30 from hsn. >> we are seeing a lot of -- i hate to use the word "fake jewelry," but it looks great, and it's sold in many stores around the country, is that right? >> you can buy fashion jewelry or faux jewelry, and dress it up and it looks real. it's great to use for a black dress or solid color dress. >> you stated gold is always in. that's gold and you have other gold to show us as well. >> yes, here is a beautiful gold necklace. it's a gold woven necklace, and it's sold with a complimentary
11:47 am
cuff and earrings. >> you are mentioning h & m, because you know it's inexpensive, but many places can find these things. >> yes, you can find these clothes at other stores that offer fabulous accessories. >> what do we see next? >> we have yanna in a gold tone again. we have a faux fur vest, and she is wearing an amazing green emerald cuff and a bendable necklace from charm that you can wear in many different ways. >> now, these are great-looking
11:48 am
outfits, but is there an age distinction. are these things that only young girls should wear? >> no, there is no age restrictions that you can have when you are accessorizing an outfit. up next, we have my mother, who has been so gracious to join us today wearing all pearls. pearls are really my favorite, because you can just accessorize any outfit with pearls. they are timeless. >> tn so everybody can see you. this is your mom? >> yes. >> she looks terrific. the pearls are beautiful and always in style, aren't they? let's bring everybody else back out here so we can see all the sparkle. wonderful idea, black dresses, and making them sparkle with all kinds of things, pearls, gold, crystals. >> yes, it's about sparkle this holiday. >> and also keeping it under $100 so -- >> so you don't have to break
11:49 am
the bank. >> thank you for joining us, and thank you to all of your models. thank you for coming. >> thank you. our time is 11:49, and coming up, we're going to take a look at our weather again. meteorologist, tom kierein, will be back with another check when the snow may be coming our way. and stay with nbc 4 all afternoon, and at 3:00, ellen loves to give,
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a new survey says jennifer aniston is the number one celebrity people want to have dinner with. that's according to the retailer home goods. the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton came in second, and then brad mitt took the third spot of the vote. and paula deem is the person most people would like to cook for them for their holiday meal, and gordon ramsey was second and martha stewart was third. the season forgivin giving gun. once again, princess kate turned heads in a laced dress from
11:53 am
zara. the charity concert was held for young victims of the london riots. gary barlow performed. >> i hope it's not too loud. >> the louder the better. >> reporter: in the concert hall they were greeted with cheers. some say the royal family is more popular now than it has been in a generation due in no small part to the family's latest edition. since the wedding, the palace has been easing kate into her new public role. was has become increasingly clear is she is getting very good at it. the next challenge for her will be christmas with the queen, kate's first. there's a formal and rigid schedule. >> the whole day is ruled by a gong. they will bang a gong when it's time to get up in the morning and bang another gong when it's time to come down for breakfast and another gong when it's time
11:54 am
to have your morning coffee. >> reporter: kate will need multiple changes of clothes, for church, and cocktails, and pheasant hunting. but the pressure is off when it comes to gifts. >> when it comes to christmas, they just want to exchange something small and something very, very silly. >> reporter: kate may get help from her family. her youngest sister, pippa has been invited for pheasant hunting the day after christmas. let's take a look at some of the stories we will be following for this afternoon. here is pat lawson with the news this afternoon. >> we're keeping tabs on the wild wet weather. we will have the latest on the downpour. plus the snow in our forecast. and then they lived in a
11:55 am
million-dollar house by a lake and took exotic vacations, so how did one couple collect $100,000 in welfare payments. it's a massive case of fraud. and at 5:00, some are calling it break dancing and others say it's a great workout. can you shed the pounds by busting a move like these breakers. that's starting at 4:00. >> do you think we ought to try that, pat? >> no, i don't. honestly, no. we have time for a final check on the forecast. here is tom. >> my head has been spinning looking at the weather the last couple days and it will be changeable. light rain now locally, getting it and changing over to snow in west virginia and temperatures are mild. we're in the 50s. 55 at reagan national and it will be dropping into the afternoon as the afternoon progresses we will have rain at times and flooding and then in the mid-30s by midnight and by then we will have the rain
11:56 am
change over to snow, and maybe at the beginning some sleet and some accumulating snow this evening out of the mountains to the west, and way out in the mountains, three to six inches of wet snow and closer to washington, one to three inches, and shenandoah valley and the far western northern suburbs, and all that will be mostly on grassy areas and a dusting in washington on suburbs, and on grassy areas, beginning at 10:00 tonight and ending in the morning and dry and cold weather into next week. watch out, there could be icing in the morning. it's not often you can call an artist masterpieces ugly and mean it as a compliment, and then again you don't meet an artist like ann marie. you may cringe when you see the work, but it's chic to look like a geek at holiday parties. >> i started it when my kids
11:57 am
were ready to go to college, and it has been great. >> the sweaters may be ugly but the cash she is making from them is anything but. she shipped thousands of them around the world. the cheapest sells for $35. the top sweaters sell for $80 each. not so ugly. and that's "news4 midday," and we thank you for being with us. we invite you for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11. and we will see you again tomorrow morning and until then, have a good day. we'll see you in the morning.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> so what happened? >> alec baldwin, what the papparazzi doesn't realize, alec saved his words for his friends. alec not talking to the awaiting photographers at j.f.k. airport after getting kicked off, some say, an american airlines flight for playing words with friends, the scrabble game on line. hoove, where do we begin with the baldwin? >> he must have had a really good word. he must have had double points or something big. he was fired up.


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